Existential Tuesday: Is society rigged against you?

There are some major economic issues facing the current generation that provide an uncomfortable likelihood: times are going to be tougher than they were. To name a few issues: housing is a huge problem. Huge. There’s also student loan debts. Inflation and cost of living. Technological unemployment. Climate change in general. You name it.

Put together, all of this could create a sense of existential insecurity, and the feeling that the times are against you. But are these challenges really unique to this generation? Or are these the infamous “first world problems” and is there nothing to complain about? What about the intersection of challenges for people of different genders, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and health than the norm? Will you have to pay for the “sins of the fathers,” by working harder for less returns? Do you believe in the sanctity of the social contract, in a community that cares for each others’ needs, or do you think we’re headed for more of a free for all? Is it fair to blame society or the government for today’s economic reality? In short, is society rigged against you?

Today’s chat will center around what I’ll call existential economics. Ponder your economic future and the obstacles you might face, in comparison to previous and future generations.


Existential Tuesdays are small weekly* lunch discussions in the Nook of the TUD Library. Practice your critical thinking skills, learn to see the world from different perspectives, and hang out with your fellow deep thinkers in Delft.

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