Global Supply Chains: Challenges and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

Are you interested in base of the pyramid approaches and entrepreneurship in developing countries? What unexpected challenges could you encounter working somewhere else? How can you deal with them and form entrepreneurship for value creation? Learn about this during a lunch lecture by Dr. Kroesen.

Dr. Otto Kroesen, Assistant Professor in ethics, intercultural communication and development theory at the TU Delft, offers his perspective on ethics, challenges and interdisciplinarity in our global supply chains. His special interest is on the base of the pyramid approaches and entrepreneurship opportunities in developing countries.
Our global supply chain stretches across the whole globe. So do the challenges that are connected to it. What are some implications in the global context? Lack of law enforcement, lack of cooperation between groups, different time management and work ethics – these all play a role, also when considering a shift to circular economy. The way we used to do things does not work. We did realise this. However, changing practices as they were done is also not easy. Implementing circularity has to do with changing the whole system. Dealing with those challenges, on the other hand, gives us also opportunities. If we are open to critical issues and we take them into account at the beginning, through a circular economy, things might change for the better.
Just to name some examples, as a consequence local entrepreneurship for value creation and improvements in governance can both contribute to building up a more resilient society.
Ecolution is a student initiative reaching out to students both on the campus of Delft University of Technology and to students from Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Initiatives on sustainability from all three universities are currently connecting under the Centre for Sustainability (CfS) in order to bring together students from different backgrounds and make the need for interdisciplinary thinking apparent.

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