Green Mirror: S4S Symposium

Recording: Green Mirror: S4S Symposium

This year’s S4S Symposium theme is Green Mirror! The theme is inspired by the Netflix film Black Mirror Bandersnatch, where you can choose different outcomes. In this Symposium we would like to offer you the option to choose your own path towards sustainability. You’ll get to choose between parallel presentations in two separate rounds. First, between social impact, mindset, and geo-engineering; and in the second round, between sustainable design and sustainable entrepreneurship.

This Symposium will be your moment of self-reflection. How can you participate in a green future? How will you help to solve the problems we face today? The seminars will inspire you and show you which areas you can explore to solve these problems. Make sure to join the Symposium on the 16th of February and find out!

Speakers include:


Tess Milne is an actress and television presenter, amongst other things known for ‘Wie is de Sjaak?’, Sterren Dansen op het IJS and Expedition Robinson.

Through her love for storytelling she wants to make the world a greener and better place. She is upcoming in the world of sustainability and now active as an ambassador of Justdiggit: an organization that jumpstarts landscape restoration programs with a positive climate impact!

At the Symposium on the 16th of February, Tess Milne will be our host!


Herman Russchenberg is professor and head of the Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing at the TU Delft. He is also Director of the TU Delft Climate Institute. He can tell you everything about climate change, climate engineering, measuring the atmosphere and techniques for cooling our earth.


Nick de Ronde Bresser is founder of Mipacha. Starting as a TU Delft student he set up the Mipacha brand together with Julius Weisse. The brand has since grown into a great success and now has a new concept: Mipacha Oceano, the first clean ocean sneaker in the world!


Wouter van Dieren is the grand old man of Dutch sustainability! He is a journalist, social psychologist and environmental activist and is seen as the forefather of the Dutch environmental movement. He was director of the Instituut voor Milieu- en Systeemanalyse (IMSA), an independent consultancy and think tank in the field of sustainability and innovation. He contributed to the initial designs of wind turbines, helped founding multiple environmental clubs and was chairman of Milieudefensie.


Martijn Pijs is a behavioral psychologist at Dijksterhuis & Van Baaren. He conducts research into behavioral projects and gives advice on how we can change human behaviour. The subjects of his projects are: waste problems, sustainability and financially healthy behaviour. According to Mathijs, understanding behaviour is necessary to change it!


Michiel Kruijff is Head of Technology at Ampyx Power, an airborne wind energy company. The survival of our planet depends on a sustainable energy future. By unlocking new opportunities for wind energy, the energy transition is accelerated. The Ampyx Power Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) provides access to higher and more powerful winds using a compact tethered aircraft. By developing innovative, elegant and material-saving solutions, Ampyx Power helps to meet the energy needs of tomorrow.

This freely accessible symposium is sponsored by SG and brought to you by the symposium committee of Students4Sustainibility (S4S)