Mindful Mixer – Exploring Your Personal Strengths

This event is the first edition of a collaboration between hii, Studium Generale & Theater de Veste

Connect with others and explore topics related to mental wellbeing in a low-key and safe environment.
Mindful Mixer is all about mixing; mixing food, mixing drinks, mixing people and mixing students with mental health professionals at TU Delft. 

Come alone or with others; it doesn’t matter. You will meet many new people who are as happy as you to mingle.

Additional info:

It’s no secret that being a student isn’t easy, and in today’s world, there are several challenges that can impact mental health and wellbeing, such as academic pressure, social media, financial stress, and uncertainty about the future.

Although these factors are complex and societal, raising awareness about mental health and talking about it can also have a positive impact on a personal level.

Mindful Mixer is a kick off collaboration where we discuss, explore and learn about topics related to mental wellbeing together in a low-key, open and safe environment. 


  1. 6:30pm doors open
  2. 7:00 Introduction talk: Michelle Massink, university psychologist
  3. 7:15 Mixing activity: You will be mixed with other students to discuss and explore your personal strengths through a reflection card game. Hii will facilitate the conversations with methods combining creative facilitation and positive psychology
  4. 8:15 (Free) pizza

This event is a collaboration between hii, Studium Generale, Theatre de Veste and TU Delft psychologists

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