The Flavour of Freedom: 150 Years of Keti Koti with Surinamese Delicacies

July 1st is Keti Koti, the day we commemorate the abolition of the Dutch transatlantic slave trade in July 1873. Keti Koti means ‘broken chains’ in Surinamese. In co-creation with SUBEST Delft (Surinamese association), Studium Generale and KIP Republic (founder of Free Heri Heri For All) we are hosting a festive event on the evening prior to the official celebrations. We invite you to learn more about the history and celebrate freedom with a special meal, good conversations and lovely company! 

In remembrance of the enslaved we connect with the present day by organising ‘The Flavour of Freedom: 150 years of Keti Koti with Surinamese Delicacies’. In co-creation with Free Heri Heri For All you can learn to make Heri Heri, a traditional Suriname dish, in our Freetown Kitchen.

We will start off with an introduction and short talk by SUBEST Delft and PPI Delft (Indonesian student association) about Keti Koti, the slave trade, and Suriname, the Dutch Caribbean and the Netherlands. After this, you can continue the conversation over dinner with your table companions. We’ll close this special event with some drinks and music. Come celebrate with us! 


17:30-19:30 Workshop cooking Heri Heri
19:30-19:45 Talk and introduction about Keti Koti
19:45-21:00 Dinner and discussion
21:00-22:00 Drinks (not included!) and music

The dish Heri Heri consists of vegetables, fish, and an egg. If you want a vegan or vegetarian option, or if you have allergies, please let us know via email:  

You can enroll for the workshop+dinner or only for the dinner. Registration is via X Delft.

For more info on Free Heri Heri For All, check out:  

This event is organised by SUBEST Delft in collaboration with SG (Studium Generale) and X Delft

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