Nanobiology Debate


On Wednesday March 27th, Cohecie is organizing Nanobiology study association Hooke’s first ever debate. During this debate, we will discuss two multidimensional standpoints that will trigger your nanobiological mindset:

  1. Genetic screening should be mandatory if a genetic disease runs in your family
  2. Breeding animals (pigs) for personal human backup organs should be allowed

Before the start of the debate, our very own Michael Stolk will host a quick presentation on how to develop logical and strong arguments. The debate itself will be led by Bas Nieuwenhuis, who you will know from the third board of S.V.N.B. Hooke. Both Michael and Bas have a lot of experience with debating. In fact, Michael even established his own debating-association in Eindhoven!

Furthermore, we will be joined by some teachers from the Nanobiology program, such as Fokko van de Bult (Analysis 1-3) and Hegias Mira Bontenbal (EvoDevo). As icing on the cake, the jury will be led by Mario Negrello!

During the break, we will enjoy a nice pizza for 2 euros.
The debate will be from 17:45 until 21:00.