Non-Western Narratives and Experiences with Climate Change

From the oil fields of the Niger delta, to the palm plantations and mines across West Papua, the true scale of global industrial processes is mind boggling. The devastating impact that climate change and these post-colonial economic practices are having amongst indigenous peoples and cultures around the world is hardly common knowledge. But if you really want to understand the root causes of climate change (and the true meaning of the Doughnut Economy)*, then these are voices that need to be heard and included.

Antoin Deul is a chemical engineer with decades of experience under his belt. He is also the former director of NinSee (The National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy), co-founder of the Black Renaissance Collective, and most recently founder of Nature’s Narrative at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Antoin will share some of the non-Western experiences with climate change and introduce us to the concept of environmental racism.

*This lecture is part of the Day of Sustainability 2020 symposium. It is an online event and registration is required.