Open Discussion night: Parasocial Relationships

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Parents used to worry about their kids having imaginary friends instead of real flesh and blood ones. Nowadays, we’re confronted with a whole new dimension of imaginary relationships: parasocial relationships, or one-sided bonds that people form – through series, movies, games, or social media – with their favorite celebrities and actors and imaginary characters.

Is this something we should worry about? Or at least, wonder out loud about? It also begs the question how human relationships will develop over time. Will your kids have AI friendships in the future? How does emotional bonding or sexual connection translate into this imaginary realm? Are we growing as humans, or growing apart as humanity?

Lots of questions! Not to mention the ones you may have yourself. All to be openly discussed in a small informal group on Tuesday night with VOX. Join us and open up your mind!

This event is organized by VOX Delft in collaboration with SG