Poetry Night: Satire

Verse It! is a monthly poetry meetup that will see poetry coming to life, through reading, music, art and any other forms of artistic expression. Through our events, Verse It! will bring young poetic voices and seasoned ones under the same roof to share their creations. We welcome cupfuls of expression ranging from joy, angst and love to envy, rebellion and more.
Poetry knows no description nor does it know any identity. As a result, the element of poetry, although sedate and unassuming on the exterior, is a brimming volcano of passion and a wild tsunami of colours and energy on the inside. It is this colourful energy that Verse It! is tapping into.
Shed your shackles and be part of the experience every month on the second Monday of the month.
Event specifics & guidelines –
1. Theme – “Satire”. The poems should preferably pertain to the theme (not mandatory). All original poems are accepted. You can also join in just to listen in. Please fill in the registration form (https://forms.gle/EiaobAvBhuyQL2yb7) and choose the corresponding option to reserve a spot or simply listen in.
2. All languages are welcome
3. Participants can read to music (acoustic instrument/s), dramatize, use props and costumes. Go creative!

Register here: https://forms.gle/EiaobAvBhuyQL2yb7
Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/1fUA8htcp

Please note that the meetup link will be displayed upon submitting this form.

Verse It! is a collaboration between students and staff from VOX Delft, Hesiodos Magazine, the Book Club, the TU Delft Library, X, and SG