S4S Movie Night: Galapagos, Hope for the Future

Galapagos islands, the place where Darwin set foot to explain the evolution theory. Tuesday 7 January at 19.30 at Lumen, we will organize a movie night with some amazing speakers! The first guest is Evert van den Bos, director of “Galapagos, Hope for the Future.” We will talk about why Evert made this documentary, how he made it and so much more.

The second guest is the Blue Feet Foundation, a foundation set up by two brothers aged 12 and 15. They’re selling socks to save the Blue Footed Booby! Now you say: “What is a Blue Footed Booby exactly?”. Well, we can explain! Will and Matty learned about these blue footed birds three years ago and found out that their population had fallen 50%. So they decided to find a way to help. They will give a speech on why they started their foundation and how to reach your goals!

During this impressive documentary you’ll fly with albatrosses over breathtaking landscapes, dive with a unique population of hammerhead sharks through azure blue water and face the largest turtles in the world. Unfortunately, the Galapagos islands are also threatened by climate change and plastic pollution. This film tells the hopeful story of passionate researchers who are committed to making this special but fragile ecosystem future-proof.

Want to come? Get your tickets here and we’ll see you at the beginning of next year! Ticket price for students is €5.



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