Spirit U All by Shertise Solano: Exhibition Visit and Performance

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How do you process your past experiences?

For multimedia artist Shertise Solano, the answer is clear: through her works. By using the act of making as a tool, she explores the various cultural influences, personal conflicts and traumas that have shaped her, as a person and an artist. With her monumental collages, smaller works and videos, the artist transforms exhibition space 38CC into an intimate space populated by mystical figures: half human, half animal, with penetrating eyes and outstretched claws, in convincing black, white and red. They are beings that live within her, whom she got to know when her gaze was forced inward. She translates her dreams and visions into her work, resulting in a recognizable and very personal visual language: raw, energetic and exciting.

Join us during this collaborative event with 38CC on the final day of her exhibition. First, you will be guided through Solano’s world by the curator, using her works as a starting point. After, there will be a performance by director Milone Reigman. At the end, there is time for drinks and discussions!

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