Students4Sustainability Symposium 2023: Diverging Perspectives

The theme of the 2023 symposium is ‘Diverging Perspectives’.

Today’s students are becoming overwhelmed with sustainable innovations and developments. As a result, they can struggle with knowing where to start. With this theme, we intend to show that there are several (diverging) ways to approach sustainability and that there is no all-encompassing blueprint. An individual’s contribution to sustainability is personal and will additionally depend on their future with coinciding aspirations and ambitions (perspectives).

The symposium ‘Diverging Perspectives’ will host three speakers with different backgrounds presenting their take on sustainability, in addition to a panel discussion led by our host. The symposium will end with drinks in the foyer where you can interact with the speakers and discuss your newfound perspectives!

The first speaker of the symposium is Bert van Son, CEO of MudJeans. He will come and talk about setting up a successful sustainable business. The second speaker is Anouk Creusen, executive director of 75inQ. She advocates for gender equality within the energy transition. The third speaker is Paul Behrens, associate professor. He will talk about the societal and scientific aspect of sustainability. Curious about what these speakers have to say?

Get inspired March 21 at the Aula of TU Delft!

Want to get a look at what last year’s symposium was like? Click here (recording in Dutch)

This event by Students4Sustainability is sponsored by SG.

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