Sustainable Profit

On Wednesday the 26th of february, Students4Sustainability has organised a fabulous lunch lecture about a sustainable and profitable way of running a large company.
The lecture will be held at the TPM faculty in the TU lunchbreak, with free Leo sandwiches available for lunch.

Our lecturer Saskia Samama works as Marketing Manager Sustainable Cocoa at Cargill, a large multinational with more than 142000 employees in 67 countries. Cargill invests in local communities and a more sustainable way of food production in numerous ways, including food supply, education and eco farming. Have a look at the programmes they have initiated:

Saskia will be telling us about securing the future of your branch by operating sustainably as well as profitably. Illustrating Cargill’s vision from the perspective of farmers as well as clients, she will explain the adaptions made in the past few years that will help feed the planet in years to come.
With the increasing importance of sustainability in corporate life, adapting to the demands of the planet and its people is very important.

The lecture is from 12:45 to 13:30 in the TU lunch break, in Room A at TPM. Limited space is available so show up early to ensure that you can be seated.

This lecture is organized by SG’s partner, Students4Sustainability