The School of Life: How to think like an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur should be able to dream without limits, take business decisions and perform cutting edge analysis. Are you able to assess risks and critically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses? How do you deal with the obstacles that you are bound to encounter? Frustrations become appealing opportunities, and instead of endless worrying, you can turn your thoughts into actions that make the world a better place. Be warned: after this talk, you will only ever see opportunities!

Tarik Yousef is a public speaker, television maker, entrepreneur, atheist Muslim and has enjoyed an extraordinary career. He started out as programme manager at Logica and became a publicist and presenter with MTNL, AT5 and NPS. He founded the magazine Hallal – a Rough Guide to Ethno-society and started Creative Urbans and Zadina’s Kitchen. As well as studying philosophy, he works as a manager, public speaker and chairman. He is also currently writing a book on Islam.

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