The Science of Meditation: a practical guide

Recording: The Science of Meditation: a practical guide

Student wellbeing is dwindling fast in lockdown. By now, the figures are alarming at TU Delft: students massively feel depressed. The easiest way to boost your life quality, might be meditation. It’s free and you can do it every day and almost everywhere. And results are promising, as top neurologist Steven Laureys has proven scientifically. How does it work? And how do you start?

During this event we shortly zoom in on the most striking and scientifically proven results, after which we bombard Laureys with questions on the ins and outs of meditation. Laureys will show us practical meditation practices that you can easily embed into your daily routine. Success guaranteed.

This event is organised by Studium Generale TU Delft in co-operation with ORAS. Tune in on the free livestream via this link.

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