CANCELLED: Veritas Forum

Following government advice regarding the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19) we are sorry to announce that the event has been cancelled.

Is there meaning in the Universe?

This year’s theme will be Big Stuff: Is There Meaning In The Universe? During Big Stuff, the big questions of life, the universe and everything will be discussed: Is it rational to believe in something outside of the observable? What role does intuition play in science? Is our universe fine-tuned? And many more questions. Join us March 12th as we dig deeper into the fabric of the universe and try to uncover some seriously Big Stuff!

Heino Falcke

Heino Falcke is a world renowned astrophysicist, professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen and winner of the 2011 Spinoza Premie, the most prestigious scientific endowment possible in the Netherlands. His work went viral when his contributions to the Event Horizon Telescope captured the first image showing a black hole, proving Einstein’s theory of general relativity and leading to several other scientific discoveries.

Govert Schilling

Govert Schilling is a semi-autodidact astronomer and science writer, regularly contributing to de Volkskrant, New Scientist and often appears on Dutch television in De Wereld Draait Door. As a prolific author, he has written a vast amount of books on astronomy aimed at the general public, thereby bringing astronomy back to the public view.

Over Veritas

Veritas organiseert bijeenkomsten waar alle studenten en docenten welkom zijn. Tijdens een Veritas-bijeenkomst komen de grote levensvragen aan bod. We laten verschillende levensbeschouwingen hun licht daarover schijnen. Het Veritas-forum is begin jaren negentig gestart op Harvard University. Ons doel is om het ware leven te verkennen door te luisteren, te discussiëren, te debatteren en te inspireren. Bezoek voor meer informatie.