VOX Discussion Night: The Marketplace of Ideas

Greetings all! Hope those of you who had exams have passed with flying colours! Next week VOX returns with another titillating event.

The ‘marketplace of ideas’ is a term originating loosely from John Stuart Mill’s book ‘On Liberty’ published in 1859, and forged into its current form in 1919 during a trial in the American supreme court. Catapulted into common language in 1970 through the boom of the PR industry, the term has continued to be used as an analogy for the way in which ideas and opinions should be handled within society. But have the connotations changed over time? Or was it born from a stretched metaphor to begin with? If ideas and opinions truly handle themselves in a market fashion, can they experience Coasean transactions? Switching costs? Externalities? Join us as we try to work through the ideas behind the analogy, and all its consequences and imperfections.

As usual, drinks & snacks provided!

Presented by Romme Koldenhof

This event is organized by VOX Delft in collaboration with SG.

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