VOX Discussion: Science and Ideology

As STEM students, we are often expected to believe in the supremacy of an ‘objective’ scientific method in terms of acquiring knowledge about our world. Many would agree that in principle the scientific method can achieve great things. But, are there other systems of knowledge creation that are also valid? Furthermore, is science as practiced at our institutions really free from influence by ideology? Is it carried out objectively in the modern day, was it ever? Can science be used as a tool to reinforce power structures? Join us next week as we delve into such topics as: indigenous knowledge, corporate ties to research, falsification of results, political paradigms, the battle for tenure, PHD-inflation, and more.

As usual, drinks & snacks provided. This will be the last VOX discussion of the academic year.

This event is organized by VOX Delft in collaboration with SG.

Visit the location's website here.