Fringe Festival: De Rite van Wat Was (in English)

GreenTU and Studium Generale are working together to supplement a performance at the Fringe Festival this year. The theme of the performance: greenwashing! Get a ticket (with student discount) for the performance and join us after the performance for a delightful poetry session and an insightful chat exploring the world of greenwashing. 

Let’s explore how art can be an enabler of climate emotions.

Entrance for the discussion is free, but if you want to be assured of a spot reserve a ticket, because full = full. For the performance Rite van wat was you need a separate ticket. You can buy a ticket for this performance by Margarida Constantino here. And you can claim a ticket for the discussion here.

This session is brought to you by GreenTU and Studium Generale of the TU Delft


Visit the location's website here.