Delft Debatteert

Delft Debatteert



First co-founded by SG and a group of enthusiastic students in 2005, Delft Debatteert is an open debate society in Delft that organizes debates and trainings around campus. In its latest form, Delft Debatteert has worked with study associations at each faculty to stimulate, organize, and advise for all sorts of debates. The two main missions of Delft Debatteert are to train students in debate skills, as well as to encourage a debate culture in Delft.

Note: as of June 2013, Delft Debatteert is looking for a new student board. If you are interested in organizing debates please contact us at sg [at]


One thought on “Delft Debatteert”

  1. Beste,

    Hierbij toon ik interesses in de activiteiten van SG TU Delft. Ik vroeg me af of er een soort van mailinglist (nieuwsbrief) bestaat, waarbij men op de hoogte gehouden wordt van activiteiten. Activiteiten in de zin van lezingen, bestuur delft debatteert, etc.

    Met vrindelijke groet,
    Cy Cheung

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