SG Academy

— please note: the SG Academy is no longer active! These events now continue as the Existential Tuesdays in the Library —

Tired of listening without getting a chance to respond? Most SG activities feature a speaker and a receptive audience, but that’s not enough for everyone.

The SG Academy is an initiative by Studium Generale to engage the university community (students and staff) in literature, philosophy, critical thinking, and a generally broader look at human culture through all kinds of media. Think of it as a modern book club, where a small group of (aspiring) intellectuals get together to discuss not just books, but writers, comics, art, movies, essays, articles, and documentaries. Without experts or speakers.


The topics include everything from philosophy, to anthropology, cultural criticism, linguistics, logic, mythology, political ideologies, and metaphysics.

Topics from 2014-2015, click here,
Topics from 2015-2016, click here.
Topics from 2016-2017, click here.
Topics from 2017-2018, click here.


The texts and the discussions at the SG Academy will challenge you to take off your glasses and try on a new perspective. In these talks, anything goes; you can say whatever you like and share your ideas and opinions openly.

So here’s step one: sign up for the mailing list through SG program manager Klaas @

Tell me your name, what you’re studying, researching, or otherwise doing at the uni, and briefly what your interest is as a human being in cultural and social matters.

When you sign up for the SG Academy mailing list, you will receive regular updates on the upcoming material, and the date and location where we will discuss it. Just RSVP if and when you want to join a discussion and you’ll get a confirmation. Discussions (and reading/viewing materials) will be informal and in English, led by Klaas. The groups will be no bigger than 10-15 people, and we’ll get together during lunch breaks in the TU Library. If you like, you can write about your thoughts or observations and we’ll publish them on the SG website.

The objective is not to burden you with massive loads of reading or viewing material. Instead, we’ll take small bits at a time and use them to expand each others’ minds through in-depth analysis. Fun!