Corona Care Package #27 | Liberation Day: Reflecting on Fascism & corona


Tuesday’s post: Jay Fraser on eco-fascism
Tuesday’s post: 
Animals are rewilding our cities
Monday’s post: Staying healthy at home webinar | Thursday 7 May

Tuesday 5 May | Liberation Day: Reflecting on Fascism & corona

Today the Netherlands commemorates the end of WWII and, in a sense, the end of fascism in Europe.

In today’s SG Corona Care Package, anarchist writer Jay Fraser warns readers to consider the return of (what he sees as) a fascist sentiment in the wake of the corona crisis. “Eco-fascism,” as he calls it, revels in the end of (some of) the human species so as to make space for other lifeforms. Like the deer, wild boars, or pumas that are showing up downtown in locked-down cities across the globe.

“When somebody asks if humanity is the ‘real virus’,” Fraser writes, “they set up a system in which the Earth is a being and humanity a problem that needs to be solved.” Think back to your history lessons – do you agree that this is a fascist ideology? Or is it going too far? What place do you think wildlife will take in #TheWorldAfterCorona, and what about us humans?

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