Corona Care Package #39 | The corona app: solution to our problems or a big mistake?


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Thursday 21 May | The corona app: solution to our problems or a big mistake?

Several weeks ago the government organised an ‘appathon’ with the aim of launching a corona tracing app in record time. Experts complimented the government for the transparency of the process, but were sceptical: the app had to be developed in a rush, and essential privacy concerns were not thought through. It turned out that there was no company participating in the ‘appathon’ that could live up to the safety standards. It has been quiet ever since…

But what are the main issues when developing such an app? Is it possible to reconcile the functionality of a tracing app with our right to privacy? Will there be an app in the end? We asked dr. Seda Gürses, Associate Professor in the Department of Multi-Actor Systems at the Faculty of Technology Policy and Management. What do you think, should we use an app to trace people infected by the virus?

Are you still full of questions or ideas after watching this video? Join the discussion on corona apps on May 26th, hosted by Matthew Dennis (TBM), and organised by our colleagues at X TU Delft.

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