Corona Care Package #42 | The Dilemmas that Will Shape the World After Corona


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Tuesday 26 May | The Dilemmas that Will Shape the World After Corona

Predicting what the world will look like over the coming years is never an easy task. But looking at the different dilemmas we face because of the coronavirus, we at least get to see what’s at stake. It seems likely that this tiny virus will reshape our entire civilization.

In this short read in the Hindustan Times, former Indian ambassador dr. Mohan Kumar lists seven ways the world may change. In one example, he sees public health security becoming equally if not more important than national security. Will pathogens be seen as a greater threat than terrorists? How will this affect air travel, xenophobia, and politics?

In this longer read on New Statesman, former UK foreign secretary David Milliband argues that there are four ‘contests’ or dilemmas that have to be fought out. First, between more globalization or putting up more walls; between democracy and autocracy, to see who is better at dealing with crises; between privacy and liberty, as countries mine their citizens’ data; and between continuing society’s harsh inequalities or expanding the welfare state, introducing universal basic income, and making education more accessible.

Do you see any other dilemmas taking shape? How do you make the right decisions going forward? Let us know your thoughts below.

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