Corona Care Package #43 | Online opera series


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Wednesday 27 May | Online opera series

Operadagen Rotterdam produces the six episode online opera Home Sweet Home. A community project together with Rotterdam artists like collective Club Gewalt and theatre-maker Gabby Bakker, but also soprano Claron McFadden and in co-production with online broadcaster OPEN Rotterdam. Together 100 Rotterdam artists show a versatile and colourful image on the streets of Rotterdam in this cross-over project.

Originally meant to kick off the festival Operadagen Rotterdam, the community project had to bring together a big crowd with people from various backgrounds. Because of COVID-19 this idea had to be adapted, and the festival organization asked singers, musicians and dancers to film themselves from home with a pre-formulated instruction. From all this footage, the online video series was made as a “chronicle of our age”, according to creative director Rajiv Bhagwanbali.

Between 21 and 30 May new episodes appear on their website, with the last episode on May 30. Check out this beautifully made online opera production.

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