Corona Care Package #47 | The COVID-19 Generation


Tuesday’s post: How different generations are responding to COVID-19
Monday’s post: The corona app: solution to our problems or a big mistake?

Tuesday 2 June | The COVID-19 Generation

Will this be the defining moment for Generation Z?

Studying and graduating during a recession, let alone a global health crisis, will be challenging. Job vacancies are drying up, scholarships are being canceled, and you won’t even get to celebrate properly. But each generation faces its own challenges. In this article on, Kendra Cherry sketches what each generation is dealing with in terms of COVID-19.

Brooke Masters at the Financial Times warns that lessons from past crises show that the younger generations suffer the most. It may take a decade for Generation Z to catch up in wealth and opportunity. And who knows what the long term effects will be for children? Even as we try to return to some form of normal life, it may do well to remember that we ourselves have been changed. Whether this moment defines us or not, time will tell.

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