Corona Care Package #51 | What You Can Do To Fight Racism


Monday’s post: What You Can Do To Fight Racism

Monday 8 June | What You Can Do To Fight Racism

In recent weeks, we have witnessed some of the best, but also worst sides of humanity, which can have its effects on our own mental health and wellbeing. Being stuck at home, it is understandable that recent events can leave us feeling powerless to help and effect change in the world.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). How you can help is first of all to listen and to educate yourself. This five minute video contains links to a ton of resources, including articles, podcasts, books and films.

Check out this list of resources, many of which have even been converted into a daily lesson plan. Or get started straightaway with this selection of free courses on race, inequality, and social justice curated by online learning platform Coursera.

A collection of resources in Dutch is available at

Studium Generale created a Corona Care Package to make #StayingIn as pleasant as possible. In the following weeks we will share videos, blogs, articles and podcasts within four focus areas: Mental Health, The World After Corona, Arts & Culture and other online events.