Corona Care Package #53 | How the corona pandemic facilitates the de-democratisation of sports clubs


Wednesday’s post: Marjan Olfers on the de-democratisation of sports
Tuesday’s post: The Matrix Economy
Monday’s post: What You Can Do To Fight Racism

Wednesday 10 June | How the corona pandemic facilitates the de-democratisation of sports clubs

“Sports are for everybody,” says professor Marjan Olfers (Sports & Law, UvA). But because of the corona pandemic something is happening to sports clubs at a small level, that simultaneously unfolds in politics and society: de-democratisation of clubs. During crises, we take privacy and regulations less seriously, and collaboration is harder, at the expense of the democratic level. Thus, inequality can grow. Sports can become an elitist or savvy lobbyist affair.
Watch the talk with Marjan Olfers here, it is in Dutch.

This talk is an edition by De Nieuwe Wereld TV (The New World), an online platform where people from different disciplines are brought together to think about big dawning changes because of technological developments and globalization. This is an initiative by journalist Paul van Liempt, philosopher Ad Verbrugge and David Overbeek and is produced in co-operation with the VU, Centrum Ethos and the Filosofische School Nederland.

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