Corona Care Package #55 | How Cities Will Change


Tuesday’s post: How Cities Will Change
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Tuesday 16 June | How Cities Will Change

Cities are profoundly changed by crises. We wouldn’t have our modern sewage systems, paved roads, or waste management in cities without historical confrontations with cholera, typhoid, and the like. How will our cities change over the coming years?

If the 1.5m distance rule remains in effect, urban design is going to have to go through some drastic changes. The shutting down of many stores, cultural centers, even bars and cafes will also have a lasting impact on the look, feel, and experience of our cities. When the city changes, our way of life will follow, and vice versa. William Fulton, director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research, notes some of the changes that are likely to happen in American cities, while Michael Safi at The Guardian takes a broader look at what’s happening around the world.

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