Corona Care Package #54 | A Conversation about Institutional Racism


Monday’s post: A Conversation about Institutional Racism

Monday 15 June | A Conversation about Institutional Racism

Our colleagues at X TU Delft are hosting an online Salon on the topic of institutional racism, Tuesday 16 June at 19:50 hrs on Zoom. In this Salon, we’ll discuss the Black Lives Matter demonstrations worldwide, including the Netherlands, with people protesting against institutional racism and ethnic profiling. You are invited to join the conversation to respectfully share your thoughts and experiences with other students regarding racism.

The murder of an unarmed suspect by a police officer in Minneapolis, US, catalysed ongoing protests of the Black Lives Matter movement worldwide. In the Netherlands, thousands of protesters gathered in cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Rotterdam as a sign of solidarity with the movement in the United States, and to address institutional racism and ethnic profiling in the EU. Online, on social media platforms such as Instagram, people having been sharing statements and taking part in actions like #blackouttuesday.

Students and employees of the TU Delft are invited to share their thoughts and experiences on the subject. Why are they or aren’t they participating in the (online) protests? And what do they believe are solutions for the existing problems? We invite you to tag along and join the conversation.

The salon will be hosted on Zoom. You don’t need an X subscription to join and you don’t need to enrol. The event will start with a 5-10 minute Q&A held on X’s Instagram in which the event will be announced, starting at 19:50. To join the conversation, just zoom in via

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