Jellyfish Conversations In The Library: An Equal Exchange?

Researchers and staff from the TU Delft are dragging a virtual jellyfish out of an ocean of data. Pulled out of chaos and projected onto a plastic screen, the jellyfish transforms data into sound and image.

Suspended in the decidedly dry air of the TU Delft Library, the jellyfish will be made to “speak” to its audience. In turn, the humans will attempt understand what it is like to drift on deep currents, transformed by every subtle chemical shift. The intention is to create a dialogue where climate data becomes more meaningful to the humans.

When questioned, a representative of Studium Generale responded: “I see no ironic dimension to this set-up. Nature will be made to speak, and we will empathise.”

To meet the jellyfish, join us in the Library Central Hall, Thursday June 8th, 4 – 5pm.