A bite of Technology: How to Build an Iron Man Suit

Recording: A bite of Technology: How to Build an Iron Man Suit

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Get ready to learn How to Build an Iron Man Suit!

Perhaps the most iconic technology to feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the Iron Man suit – built by the legend that is Tony Stark. The Iron Man is home to a collection of advanced technologies related to flight, healthcare, power, sensors, and control. In this presentation, Dr. Barry Fitzgerald will introduce you to some of the scientific and engineering fundamentals that you need to know when you decide to build your own Iron Man suit. He’ll also explore a range of recent and important scientific and engineering discoveries and how they may affect your suit design. In addition, he’ll also consider steps that should be taken to ensure that you build a responsible suit in accordance with ethical principles. When it comes to building an Iron Man suit, the aim should not be to build a weapon. Instead, the aim should be to build a suit for the benefit of society.

Barry W. Fitzgerald (1979), who was born in Limerick, Ireland, is a speaker, author, science communicator, and superhero scientist. With a PhD in Computational Physics, Barry has worked as a scientific researcher at a number of universities in Ireland and the Netherlands, specialising in writing computer codes to simulate physical systems such as galaxies, polymer mixtures, fluid flows, and fluidised bed reactors. As a science communicator, Barry has given hundreds of talks at schools, universities, and companies.