AEGEE Leadership Workshop: Boost the leader in you!

Is Leadership a natural born skill, or can you develop one? How would you solve certain problems in a team of diverse backgrounds and work fields? What is the difference between project management and change management?

Some questions that will pop up in this single workshop about Leadership and Project Management by Prof. Dr. H. Bakker (TU Delft). His extensive experience as a project manager in a variety of work fields will contribute to change the perception on management and leadership in general. This workshop includes a real-life case at the end where you will be able to use your skills into practice in a group.

Hans Bakker is professor of the chair “Management of Engineering Projects” at Delft University of Technology. He edited the book “Management of Engineering Projects – People are key” (2014), which also illustrates his main focus: in the end it is all about the people involved.

Subscription is necessary but free of charge. Subscribe via the link in the event.

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