AEGEE debate: The state of democracy in Europe, crisis?

As promising as the concept of European collaboration once was, today’s European Union is not appreciated by all. The European Union is a democratic institute governing more than 500 million European citizens. Although one can vote, one can participate, its citizens seem to lose their faith in the (common) future. So, where lies the problem? What is going wrong?

Democracy in Europe appears to be in crisis. So, how come? Can we rethink the way it functions? And which interventions should be made? This evening Marie-Hélène Caillol will elaborate on the role of democracy in governing the European Union. On behalf of student association AEGEE-Delft, efforts will be made to reconceptualize the European Union in ideological and constitutional sense.

AEGEE-Delft is part of a European student network consisting out of almost 200 associations throughout Europe. Together we try to spread Europtimism and open the discussion about important issues in Europe today. This open lecture is part of an AEGEE-Delft event in which students from all over Europe will participate.


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