Art & Tech Café | Intimacy: Can technology bring us closer together? 

Technology is becoming ever more intimately involved in our lives and has enormous potential to bring us closer together. But can technology truly offer an intimate experience? Perhaps even replace an intimate partner? Or will technology stand in the way between us and others? Join us in exploring how art and technology may challenge what it means to be human and augment our experience of love for each other and for the world. 

Art & Tech Café

In the Art & Tech Café we invite artists who work on the intersection of art and technology to explore pressing social issues by means of their art. Like technology, art can provide us with a fresh pair of eyes through which we can experience reality in new and unexpected ways. And discover things we may not have known before. Join us to explore new paradigms and perspectives! 

SG Presents: For Love of the World

Love conquers all, the saying goes. But how can you still love the world, in a time of war and crisis? According to philosopher Hannah Arendt, the art involves looking at reality with new eyes – and especially what had previously escaped our attention.

In this series, we explore with you how we love the world (again). We learn how technology and art help us see that world with new eyes. And in doing so, we pay attention to what we have previously neglected: the feminine, non-Western perspectives, animals, plants and things. But also our own sensitivity and physicality.

We breathe new life into the world: a sensitive art of living for the 21st century. And we let it all come together during the big ‘For love of the world’ philosophy festival on Saturday 23 March! In this series, we combine the Philosophical Café with evenings on art and technology – Art & Tech café. Art & Tech café is in English.

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