Bèta Balie Cyber Security: Rise of the Smart Wearables

Recording: Bèta Balie Cyber Security: Rise of the Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables: Are they improving our well-being or enabling discrimination?

Smart wearables are increasingly being used by millions of people to improve their well-being. Daily activities as well as vital signs can be sensed and processed to monitor individuals’ health status. There is also a significant chance to improve the overall healthcare system and reduce costs if those devices are also connected to the network of medical institutions. Unfortunately, how such data are collected, stored and processed at the moment are causing serious privacy concerns. For instance, the data collected can be used to identify people performing less physical activities, causing increased premium for insurance. In this talk, we are going to address the privacy concerns with respect to smart wearables and discuss social, technical and legal solutions to eliminate the possible risks of misuse.

Zeki Erkin

Dr. Erkin is a tenured assistant professor in the Cyber Security Group, Delft University of Technology. He received his PhD degree on “Secure Signal Processing” in 2010 from Delft University of Technology where he has continued his research on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, particularly on Computational Privacy.

His interest is on protecting sensitive data from malicious entities and service providers using cryptographic tools. While his interest on solutions based on provably secure cryptographic protocols is the core of his research, Dr. Erkin is also investigating distributed trust for building such protocols without trusted entities.

Dr. Erkin has been involved in several European and national projects one of which is on Blockchain and Logistics Innovations where an unbounded scalable blockchain version with confidentiality is being developed. He is serving also in numerous committees including IEEE TIFS, Eurasip SAT on Information Security, is an area editor in Eurasip Journal on Information Security and Elsevier Image processing. Dr. Erkin is a member of TU Delft Blockchain Lab, also serving as a core member of Cyber Security Next Generation, a community of cyber security researchers in the Netherlands.

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