Bèta Talks #1: Intercultural Communication

Recording: Bèta Talks #1: Intercultural Communication

This is NOT your typical Lunch Lecture where you only sit & listen. We are here to discuss ideas and ask questions! Don’t forget to sign-up for the free lunch through eventbrite link. Only limited spots available!

Welcome to an international and diverse university. Women empowerment, globalization, European integration, the emergence of economies in the Global South, and many other cultural and economic trends mean that our university is more diverse than ever. Diversity is a big opportunity, but it also comes with a few challenges. It means we need to learn how to work and interact with people who are very different from us. Cultural and other differences mean that we have a diversity of worldviews. This is good for innovation. The more variety in worldviews, the richer your study life will be. But having such a diverse environment means that people are sensitive to different values and expectations from education. We invite you to consider diversity as an asset, and to value the variety and richness of the human experience, also in education! In order to explore these aspects, we invite you come and discuss what diversity and a multi-cultural environment mean for the university, for your studies and for you as an individual.