Brain Bar: Hello World

“You are your brain”. While this statement still raised eyebrows just a decade ago, people are coming to terms with the idea that their thoughts, feelings, and behavior, are ultimately rooted in the neural processes within their heads. This insane idea that electrical signals between tiny nerve cells somehow code for all that you are… is almost common knowledge today. But how well do you know your own brain? How does it work? How does neuroscience know all these things and what is yet to be discovered? How do your perceive the world and then interact with it? And what does all this brain science mean for you? Is consciousness nothing more than some electrical activity, and what does that mean for free will? These are some of the questions addressed in the Brain Bar series.

Hello World

In the second part of the series, we focus on the senses. Seeing is believing, and indeed the sense of vision and the brain system responsive to it provide a great foundation for understanding how neural information processing actually works. In this lecture we take a big step towards understanding the basic principles of brain function.

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