Change The World by Buying Shell

Recording: Change The World by Buying Shell

Kodak, leader in photography did not go bankrupt because of lack of innovation towards digital photography (they possessed the technology). The real reason was failing in developing innovative business models to replace their lucrative paper based practices. In the ’90s, Shell was already producing solar panels, but also did not dare to switch their business models away from lucrative oil.

On the 19th of November Mark van Baal, energy journalist and founder of Follow This, will give a lunch lecture on a movement he is creating of Shell-stockowners trying to convince Shell to shift towards renewable energy. Not solely focusing on technological innovations, but coupling it to simple business model innovations in order to establish breakthroughs and speed up the worldwide energy transition.

The lecture will have an interactive setup, with possibilities to ask many questions related to the topic of energy, business models and even internship and thesis possibilities. Join us!!!

Lunch will be provided.
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This lecture is brought to you by SHIFT, the Industrial Ecology study association