Drones, Surveillance, and War


This year, three Aerospace students from the TU Delft won the first three prizes at the AIAA drone design competition in the USA. Raphael Klein, Steve Brust, and Malcom Brown have proven themselves as engineers, and are now willing to discuss their experiences as drone designers and the social and political implications of drone technology in general.

VOX Delft and SG are therefore hosting an open discussion evening on drones. We will go beyond the scientific merit of drones to look at the benefits and the drawbacks of implementing this technology in society. From research, to search and rescue, to surveillance and warfare; for good or for bad, everybody in today’s world is impacted by the growing presence of drones in the sky.

Join the discussion with Raphael, Steve, and Malcom, as well as other students looking to learn more about this issue and each other’s opinions. The evening will be held in the HIVE room of the TU Library, and include an opening presentation and a moment to discuss in smaller groups. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Visit the location's website here.