Energy Transition Debate

Recording: Energy Transition Debate

Now more than ever the debate about the Energy Transition is receiving attention.

Why do we need it? Who is doing what? What can Europe do to enhance it?

Speakers from academics, business, politics, media and society will share their perspectives. Not only will they debate amongst each other, time is reserved each round for YOU to ask them all your burning questions.

Debate Round 1 – Theme: What do we need to engage in the Energy Transition? Speakers: Herman Russchenberg, Timo Heimovaara, Theo Wolters.

Debate Round 2 – Theme: What are solutions in the transition and who are responsible? Speakers: Tim van der Hagen, Hendrik van Gils, Rob Rietveld.

Debate Round 3 – How can European action enhance the Energy transition? Speakers: Bas Eickhout, Raoul Boucke, Caroline Nagtegaal – van Doorn.

See you at the Energy Transition Debate.

In collaboration with Centre for sustainability students, Delft Sustainable Energy Association, TU Delft Energy Club, TU Delft Green Office, Industrial Ecology Student Association Shift