Existential Tuesday: Do we really need hierarchies in society?

Why do we shape our societies into hierarchies?

We separate power, privilege, and responsibility into different layers everywhere: within and between governments, families, genders, institutions, education, and so on. In fact, humans create hierarchies not just among themselves, but between different animals, plants, and materials; even ideas, behaviors, religions, entire cultures and ethnicities have been ranked and ordered across history.

That history is paired with a mixed legacy of great accomplishments and terrible oppression. The central question we’re asking today is, why do we do this? Do we really need to create hierarchies of power? Or is another form of organization possible?


Existential Tuesdays are small bi-weekly discussions in the Nook of the TUD Library. Practice your critical thinking skills, learn to see the world from different perspectives, and hang out with your fellow deep thinkers in Delft.

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According to posthumanism, animals, plants, and objects have rights. Humans are merely part of a greater network in which all things are essentially equal. This requires looking at the world in an entirely different way. Is this the solution to all major crises in the Anthropocene? In this series, through talks, discussions, and art, we’ll explore the consequences of adapting a posthuman worldview. 

 This theme is part of the series For Love of the World, in which we explore alternative stories and forgotten knowledge that can (re)connect us to our world. 

Existential Tuesday: Do we really need hierarchies?                              | Jan 9th                | @ The Nook
Book Club: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher                                           | Jan 10th             | @ The Nook
SG Café Filosofie | Posthumanisme: de mens in de bijrol                     |  Feb 5th              | @ Theater de Veste
Art exhibition                                                                                                                  | Feb 12th            | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | Feb 20th            | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | March 5th         | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | March 19           | @ The Nook
Book Club: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher                                            | March 21st        | @ The Nook

SG Festival For Love of the World                                                                          | March 23rd       | @ Theater de Veste

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