VOX Book Club: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher (2009)

Join the free book club organized by VOX Delft and Studium Generale!

This quarter we’ll be reading the influential non-fiction work Capitalist Realism (2009) by Mark Fisher. A British philosopher, Fisher published during the financial crisis about “the widespread sense that not only is capitalism the only viable political and economic system, but also that it is now impossible even to imagine a coherent alternative to it.”

How do you feel about it? Are we stuck in a singular, all-consuming consumerist worldview with no hope for escape? Let’s explore Fisher’s ideas together and see where his wisdom leaves us.

We’ll be meeting twice:

  • Wednesday, January 10th, 12:45pm: Book distribution.
  • Thursday, March 21st,  Wednesday, March 20th, 6:00pm: book discussion (location: Exhale, behind X.)

And as an aside: this book is an antithesis to the general theme of this quarter at SG, which is posthumanism. If you’re looking for “another way”, check out the other events below!

Please register for the VOX Book Club so we know how many people to expect.
We’ll have ten free copies of the book to give away to the lucky few! For the rest of us there are eBooks, audio books, and hard copies available at (online) retailers for around 10-12 euros.

Check out SG’s related events this quarter on the theme: Posthumanism

According to posthumanism, animals, plants, and objects have rights. Humans are merely part of a greater network in which all things are essentially equal. This requires looking at the world in an entirely different way. Is this the solution to all major crises in the Anthropocene? In this series, through talks, discussions, and art, we’ll explore the consequences of adapting a posthuman worldview. 

 This theme is part of the series For Love of the World, in which we explore alternative stories and forgotten knowledge that can (re)connect us to our world. 

Existential Tuesday: Do we really need hierarchies?                              | Jan 9th                | @ The Nook
Book Club: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher                                           | Jan 10th             | @ The Nook
SG Café Filosofie | Posthumanisme: de mens in de bijrol                     |  Feb 5th              | @ Theater de Veste
Art exhibition                                                                                                                  | Feb 12th            | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | Feb 20th            | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | March 5th         | @ The Nook
Existential Tuesday: TBD                                                                                         | March 19           | @ The Nook
Book Club: Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher                                            | March 21st        | @ The Nook

SG Festival For Love of the World                                                                          | March 23rd       | @ Theater de Veste

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