Existential Tuesday: Have you ever had an independent thought?

Is it better to fit in or to find your own way in life?

There’s always a tension in society between conformity and independence. Here at the university level, the education system at the very least pays lip service to the ideal of making an independent thinker out of you. A critical thinker who can serve society in novel ways and steer us away from mediocrity and the collectivism of fascism, communism, certain religions, or what have you. But what does an independent thought actually look like?  Do you have any idea?

Think of it this way: if you look at your wardrobe, how many of your clothes did you design and make yourself? This is easy to answer. But what happens when you look at the fabric of your thoughts?

I want to investigate the quality of our thoughts together. Where they come from, and whether anything we have ever thought (or been taught) has been truly independent or original. And, whatever the conclusion may be, what does that say about our quality of life?


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