Green Campus: The Sustainability Symposium

What are our options for realizing a sustainable, eco-friendly campus? Which measures does this involve?

Visit the lectures at the Sustainability Symposium and take part in our workshop to get a feel for what sustainability at the TU Delft is all about. Get to know the expertise of the involved Sustainability Community student groups on the green market. Oh and do not forget the taste of our sustainable snacks!

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There is no entrance fee and the drinks and snacks are free!

October the 16th (a Thursday) from 19.00 onwards at the Culture Centre (on the Second floor in Lecture hall 232), The Sustainability Community will have its Green Campus: Symposium Sustainability.

The schedule is as follows:

Location: Lecture hall 232, (second floor) of the Culture Building

19:00 Drs. Anka Mulder – VPEO of the executive board of TU Delft
Anka Mulder will open the event by explaining her view on a sustainable future for the university.

19:15 Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk – Green Village
“Creating a sustainable, lively and entrepreneurial environment where we discover, learn and show how to solve society’s urgent challenges”, that is the Green Village vision. Ad van Wijk, founder of Green Village, will explain this vision and the idea behind Green Village. He will also relate this to his views on the sustainability of our university.

19:45 ir. Devin Malone – One Nights Tent
TU Delft alumnus & co-founder of a company to provide low-cost, bio-based camping products to music festival campers. Product: a compostable tent made from bio-plastic – a ONE NIGHTS TENT. Users buy it online, get it on-site, and if they want, they just leave it behind and Devin’s company composts it. Devin is talking with two of the biggest European festival organizations to launch the tent in 2014. In subsequent years, they will also provide other camping equipment such as air mattresses, gazebos, and camp furniture. Why camp any other way? 

Location: Room 234, (second floor opposite the lecture hall) of the Culture Building
20:15 – 20:25 Workshop: Sustainability Brainstorm
In several rounds you will brainstorm in different teams about certain topics regarding sustainability (e.g. energy, livability) and draw your vision for the TU Delft. Then you’ll discuss these ideas with the other teams.

Location: Foyer, (first floor) of the Culture Building
20:00 – 22:00 Green market with eco-friendly snacks and drinks
Market where the various student organisations will present themselves. Participants can walk around to get to know different aspects of the Sustainability Community!

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