Hacking the Brain: Advancing Neuroscience through Art

Recording: Hacking the Brain: Advancing Neuroscience through Art

Can art and science collaborations lead to better understanding of neuroscience and neurotechnologies?

There has been a rapid development of brain/neural computer interaction (BNCI) research, including hyperscanning and collaborative BNCIs. Simultaneously, a growing community of international artists is exploring the boundaries of brain physiology based interaction in cinema, theatre and interactive installations. Artists address questions of BNCI ethics and aesthetics which are often overlooked by scientists but which spur general public discussion.

Martijn Arts (Total Active Media) and Lucas Evers (Waag Society) will share their experiences with the neuro-hackathons they have been organising since 2015 in Amsterdam and throughout Europe, and the projects wherein artists, scientists, hackers and the public collabrorate on creative, ethical and non-clinical neurotech applications.

Martijn Arts is one of the partners of advertisining company Total Active Media with a strong interest in neurosciences and neurotechnology. Lucas Evers works at Waag Society and is responsible for programmes and projects involving the interactions between arts and sciences.

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