Health Coach Program Webinar: Staying Healthy at Home

Health Coach Program Webinar: Staying healthy at home during COVID-19

Thursday 7 May, 14.00 – 15.00 hrs, live via Zoom:

Meeting-Id: 842-0187-7641
Password: 428980

How do you work on your health during COVID-19 pandemic and support your immune function? The COVID-19 crisis is asking a lot of us. Being at home a lot can make it difficult for you to take care of your health. For example, it can be harder to stick to healthy nutrition, exercise and good sleep habits. In fact, we all have to find a way to build new habits that support our health, and thereby energy level, productivity and resilience. This webinar by Bas Gerritsen and Wouter van den Heuvel will give you insights in healthy patterns and how to form new, sustainable habits to improve on your lifestyle.

Bas Gerritsen (BSc, BEd)

“I have almost 10 years of experience with the Health Coach Program. Originally a background in sport; I studied sports academy and physiotherapy, and I was a top athlete (gymnastics). My expertise is not only in exercise and sport, but also in other areas related to vitality, nutrition, sleep, mental health and sustainable behavior. I like kitesurfing, sailing, ice hockey and producing music. ”


Wouter van den Heuvel (MSc)

How do you keep working actively on your health, regardless of what life has in store for you? I have been working as a lifestyle coach for 5 years now, where I mainly look at how you can make yourself more resilient. More health also means more resilience, both physically and mentally. I have a background as a movement scientist, physiotherapist and trainer. I am also a fanatic athlete and photographer.”

Organised in collaboration with the Health Coach Program. More information about the Health Coach Program for TU Delft employees can be found on the intranet.