History of Science: The Influences of Islamic Civilizations

Recording: History of Science: The Influences of Islamic Civilizations

The world of science as we now know it is the result of many cultural and religious interactions throughout history. One of the most important of those influences has been that of the Islamic culture of the Middle East.

Student association SV Hezarfen, in cooperation with SG, is hosting a symposium “History of Science” to investigate these influences. The scientific tradition in Islamic culture will be introduced, as well as the specific contributions of scientists like Taki al-Din (Takiyüddin) and Al-Biruni.

Guest speakers during this evening are expert researchers in the field, including:

–        Prof. Dr. Jan P. Hogendijk, full professor in the History of Mathematics in Utrecht, with a specialisation in Islamic culture

–        Hüseyin Şen M.Sc, historian of science, Ph.D. researcher in Utrecht with a dissertation on the work of the Ottoman scientist Taqi al-Din ibn Ma’ruf


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