Interactive Theatre: Time Out!

How come so many young, educated professionals suffer from stress and burn-outs? Join us during this interactive theatre performance, that will teach, inform, inspire and entertain you about all the obstacles during your life and professional career.

Time Out! is an interactive theatre production by Podium T. It deals with the obstacles on your way to a successful job. During the show the performers discuss topics like stress and burn-outs. Together with the audience, they try to figure out answers on questions on these topics.

The piece looks at the high number of “drop-outs” and the societal impact of these phenomena. If we believe the numbers, we’re dealing with an epidemic. But are these numbers correct? And what is a burn-out in reality? Why is it so hard to talk about?


The night start with the Time Out! theatre play, from 20:00 until 21:30. After the show you will be invited to the Time Out! Cafe to talk about the play, and discuss the subjects that took centre stage during the show. Of course, with a (free!) drink on the side. Career & Counselling Services of TU Delft will be present to give you advise in case you feel the need.

About Podium T

Podium T makes sure taboos, dilemmas and social problems are visible and will be discussed, by means of multimedia, theatre and audiovisual concepts and techniques. Podium approaches the themes free from value judgements, with an eye for the other perspective. Their goal is to stimulate the dialogue, and therefore they facilitate a platform for all parties concerned.

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Thursday 15 November | 20:00 – 22:45 | at Auditorium, Aula | €0.-

In co-operation with Podium T, X and ORAS.

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