Intercultural Communication Workshop (free registration)

That crazy person in your project group? Turns out they might just be perfectly sane, only they’re operating on a completely different set of cultural programming than yours. If you ever run into difficulties communicating with or understanding people from different cultural backgrounds then this workshop is for you. Low key, fun, and informative, this workshop has already ushered hundreds of TU students through the world of intercultural communication skills.

To study effectively at TU Delft it is important to know how to work effectively in an international environment. Participants will gain a better understanding of their own strong points as seen from a cultural perspective and how to communicate successfully across cultures.

The benefits will of course extend beyond your project groups – these are skills for life! The workshop will take place during and right after lunch. If you need to leave after the lunch break please let us know ahead of time.

Registration is free, and we will provide a lunch as well. Email us at to reserve a spot.

NB: this is the first workshop in a series of three. The other topics will be “wellbeing” and “getting things done” and will take place in the spring semester.

intercultural communication workshop

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